Archival Corpus

Research on Mediterranean maritime history faces today a number of challenges: i) the physical dispersion and linguistic fragmentation of archival sources and ii) the multilingualism of the existing secondary literature, as the national Mediterranean languages dominate the historiographical production. Therefore, one of the objectives of the project was to create an Archival and Bibliographical corpus that may serve as a guide for scholars and researchers, on Mediterranean maritime history. Neither corpus is exhaustive; however, it may contribute as a basis for research on unpublished sources across Mediterranean and Black Sea archives and libraries as well as, on secondary literature written in national languages, on topics related to maritime history.

The archival corpus consists of entries on collections and series that the members of the project SeaLiT had conducted research on, and used in their analysis. The entries include the archive or library name and location, the archival or collection series, a brief description in English of the history and the content of the series. Similarly, the bibliographical corpus entries consist of written works in languages other than English, which are used as important references in the analysis of the published works of the project (articles in journals, chapters in collective volumes, PhD dissertations etc). Each entry includes the bibliographical information of the work and a brief summary in English.

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